Automated Assays for Organoids and Spheroids

Keep your cells happy and protected with automated
media exchanges
Collect supernatants for cell secretions or lyse cells
in situ for metabolites
Image cells in flowchips or remove samples for
immunoassays or metabolomics

PuMA SystemFlowchip


Revolutionizing 3D cell models with flexible and practical microfluidic processing

The Pu•MA System 3D has been designed to automate assays for your 3D cell models, organoids or spheroids. The Pu•MA System 3D maintains the cells in our specially designed flowchips to allow automated media or reagent exchanges for oncology, toxicity, metabolomics or neuroscience research.

Pu•MA System 3D benefits

  • Automated “hands-off” workflow for complex assay protocol
  • Protected sample chamber to prevent cell damage
  • Perform in situ media exchanges, compound additions and supernatant sampling
  • Compatible with high content imaging and plate-reader systems

Automated Assay Workflow

The Protein Fluidics’ Pu•MA System 3D streamlines your workflow to automate assays with minimal user handling. Protein Fluidics Support is always available to answer any questions.

Assay Workflow

Applications with Pu•MA System 3D

  • Oncology: Compound efficacy screening using cancer spheroids
  • Toxicology: Compound testing on organ models as part of ADME/T; Environmental testing for long-term toxicity
  • Metabolism: Insulin and glucagon secretion from islets; Metabolic profiling of single spheroids
  • Liver Disease: Compound efficacy screening with NASH and fibrosis models
  • Neuroscience: Cellular differentiation in response to growth-factors or inhibitors in neuronal spheres
Spheroid Control vs Treated

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