The Pu·MA System

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Pu·MA System Immunoassays

The Pu·MA System is a low-volume assay automation platform for the research laboratory.  The system is ideal for applications where samples are precious such as small animal serum or cell supernatants.  Some of the system features are:

  • Shortens total ELISA time from 2 days to less than 3 hours
  • Reduces sample and reagent volumes to 10–20 μL
  • Frees up your time with “hands-off” processing

The Pu·MA System can run assays with most available antibody pairs.  We have optimized assay buffers and reagents for assay performance in the flowchip environment.


To run an assay on the Pu·MA System, order an assay kit plus Pu·MA System flowchips, buffers and reagents.  The latter are conveniently packaged in an Explorer kit for 96 tests or can be ordered in bulk.  Assays can also be run using your existing antibody pairs.  Please contact us for more information on this subject.


We have partnered with BioLegend and developed Protocols for a number of their kits on the Pu·MA System.  These are listed below and can be ordered from BioLegend.

Assay Kits by BioLegend

Pu·MA System Reagents and Flowchips

  • Pu·MA System Explorer Kit
    Contains Pu·MA Flowchips, Pu·MA Assay Buffer, Pu·MA Wash, Substrate, and Stop solution sufficient for running 96 tests.

  • Pu·MA System Flowchips
    Package of 24 Pu·MA Flowchips sufficient for running 96 tests.

  • Pu·MA System Bulk Reagents
    Individual bottles of Pu·MA System reagents for running immunoassays.

Pu·MA System Hardware and Accessories

  • Pu·MA System X1000
    Touchscreen driven automated immunoassay appliance for running assays with Pu·MA Flowchips and Reagents. Includes one (1) Pu·MA System, two (2) Flowchip Holders, Manual, Quick-start guide, and accessory kit.

  • Flowchip Holder
    Standard SBS multiwell plate format holder for four (4) Pu·MA Flowchips.

  • Pu·MA System Dispense Guide
    Touchscreen driven light guide for dispensing reagents into Pu·MA Flowchips.

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