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The Pu·MA System – Automated Immunoassays

The Pu·MA System is a practical and affordable benchtop instrument, ideal for running low-volume ELISA assays. It is a truly open platform that can run assays using your existing antibody pairs, or with commercially available ELISA kits. The underlying technology is our proprietary Valve-less Fluidic Switching (VLFS) that provides complex fluid control on a simple flowchip. The Pu·MA platform has been designed to fit seamlessly into your current laboratory workflow.

  • Runs complete ELISA in < 3 hours with “hands-off” processing
  • Reduces sample and reagent volumes to 10 – 20 μL
  • Works with your existing ELISA kits and antibody pairs
  • Multiwell plate format to work with standard Plate Readers

How it Works

The Pu·MA Flowchip and System uses established antibody pairs to perform an automated ELISA. All assay reagents are loaded into reservoirs and then moved one at a time through the “Assay Channel” by the Pu·MA System. Preloaded protocols execute all fluid transfer and incubation steps. The system incorporates patented valve-less fluidic switching (VLFS) to precisely control fluid movement in a flowchip. Use of microfluidics reduces both incubation times and reagent volumes.

Pu·MA System Benefits

  • High Signal – Large surface area for antibody binding (~30mm2)
  • Small channels – Low sample and reagent usage (<20μl/well)
  • Large surface-to-volume ratio – Enhanced kinetics, Faster assay results
  • Hydrodynamic fluid removal – Less Wash Required

Reagent Loading Setup

  • All reagents pre-loaded into flowchip
  • Reagents are transferred one-by-one through the assay channel to form analyte “sandwich” structures
  • Incubation and Wash steps performed automatically
  • Substrate reacts with HRP in the channel and then is moved to the Read Well which is pre-loaded with Stop Solution
  • Open-platform accommodates wide range of assays

Reagent Setup

Microfluidic Assay Steps


Microfluidic Assay Steps

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