ISSCR2021 (VIRTUAL June 21–26)

We are exhibiting at the Start-Up Pavilion! 

Disease Modeling Methods with Cancer Patient-Derived Organoids

Come by the Poster 747 to view Dr. Evan Cromwell’s presentation
and to view the PDF of the poster. You can also reach out to him with
any questions regarding the data presented.

June 25, Poster Session on Modeling Disease and Development

Poster link on ISSCR2021 site

Virtual Booth (June 21–26)

  • Stop by to talk to the team about automated assays using the Pu·MA System for organoids, spheroids and tumoroids.

  • Learn about how you can perform IF staining, supernatant sampling for metabolite analysis and live/dead analysis with the Pu·MA System.

  • Find out how you can incorporate these workflows in your lab.

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