Jan 25-27, 2021

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Image of open Pu•MA System with hand loading flowchip holder

Learn about Pu·MA System 3D Applications

The Pu·MA System will be featured by our collaborator Oksana Sirenko, PhD (Senior Application Scientist, Molecular Devices)

Title: Capturing complexity of 3D biology: New advantages of high-content imaging
Wed Jan 27, 5:00–5:30 pm ETHeLa Spheroids stained for apoptotic and mitochondrial markers and imaged at 10X and 20X



Meet the Expert at our Posters

Presenter: Evan F. Cromwell, PhD (President & CEO, Protein Fluidics, Inc.)

image of conference posters with Pu·MA System IA data

Stop by the posters for the latest applications

Poster 1: Automated 3D Cell-Based Assays Using a Novel Flowchip System and High Content Imaging
Poster 2: Novel Assay Methods for Cancer Patient-Derived Organoids




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Date: Jan 25-27, 2020
Venue: Virtual Conference

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