Automated ELISAs on your benchtop

The Pu·MA System runs validated assays for immunology, oncology, cellular stress, inflammation, and metabolic disease research— fitting seamlessly into your laboratory workflow. It is designed for applications where samples are limited such as small animal studies. Simply add your assay reagents into a Pu·MA System Flowchip, load the flowchip into the system and start. The system automatically executes the assay protocol and your results are read by any standard plate reader.

Pu·MA System IA benefits

  • Automated “hands-off” ELISA workflow
  • Shortens total assay time from 2 days to less than 3 hours
  • Reduces sample and reagent volumes to 10–20 µL
  • Open platform for single or multi-analyte assays
  • Eliminate the need for pre-configured plates
PuMA system
Reagents and Flowchips

Complete assay workflow

The adaption of existing ELISA kits and/or antibody pairs is straightforward. Reagent dispensing is done with common pipettors and tips. Assay buffers that optimize fluid transfer are provided for any required dilutions. Blocking solutions, wash buffers, and substrates are also provided. The system is touchscreen-driven with a very intuitive interface. Protein Fluidics Support is always available to answer any questions.


PuMA System

Pu·MA System

  • Automated “hands-off” ELISA workflow
  • Reduce complete ELISA protocol from 2 days to <3 hours
  • Run assays with your own antibody pairs
  • Affordable benchtop system

PuMA System Software

Pu·MA System Software

  • Intuitive touchscreen operation
  • Convenient pre-loaded protocols
  • Simple Process – Load Flowchips and Run Protocol

Reagents and Flowchips

Pu·MA System Assays and Reagents

  • Validated immunoassays for small animal research
  • Reduce your reagent usage (10-20 µL per well)
  • Open platform for single or multi-analyte assays
  • No expensive pre-configured plates

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