Our PuMA System automates assays for 3D cell models, organoids or spheroids for applications such as oncology, neuroscience, drug discovery and metabolic disease research. By combining microfluidics, our proprietary design and 3D cell technology, we can help streamline either 3D cell-based assay or immunoassays.

Automated “hands-off” assay
workflow and reagent exchange
Adapt your assay protocol with this
open system

Pre-loaded protocols – Just Press Play!

Automated 3D Assays

The PuMA System 3D for assays with 3D cell models, organoids or spheroids, maintains the cells in our specially designed flowchips. This system enables multiple workflows that you use for your oncology, toxicity stem cell or metabolomics research.

Low-Volume ELISAs

The PuMA System IA is designed for application where samples are limited such as in small animal studies. This system integrates into your regular ELISA workflow by eliminating the laborious and time-consuming pipetting and incubating steps.

Lower your animal usage by running
ELISAs with only 10-20 μL of sample
Improve your current experiments with
an automated bench-top workflow
No more expensive pre-configured
plates for important analytes

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