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The Pu·MA System Flowchips for pneumatically driven microfluidic assays

Protein Fluidics’ Pu·MA System is a practical and affordable benchtop instrument that automates a wide range of biochemical and cell-based assays. It is a truly open platform that integrates sophisticated microfluidic handling within your current laboratory workflow to deliver robust assays results that are easier and less expensive to run.

  • Automated low-volume reagent transfers
  • Compact system – fits on your bench or in your incubator
  • Multiwell plate format – seamlessly integrates with liquid handlers and plate readers
  • Reduces sample and reagent volumes to 10 – 20 μL

Featured uses

Flowchip Tech

Valve-Less Fluidic Switching

The underlying technology is our Valve-less Fluidic Switching (VLFS) that provides complex fluid control on a simple flowchip. This patent-pending technology allows precise fluid control in a microfluidic device without the need of mechanical microvalves or integrated moving parts.

  • Enables a broad range of cell-based, homogenous biochemical and heterogeneous immunoassays
  • Programmable and automated flow switching and combinatorial mixing
  • Uses hydrophobic barriers to control fluids – no integrated valves or pumps

Capillary Fluid Flow Control


Capillary Fluid Flow Control

How does it work?

Microfluidic flowchips are set up as a combination of Reservoirs (A,B,C & D) and Nodes (N) connected by channels. Hydrophobic barriers are used to keep fluids in desired wells. Pneumatic pressure gradients are applied to transfer fluid from one Reservoir to another via a Node. An example is shown below where two reagents are transferred to different wells through the same Node. Watch a movie of VLFS in action!

VLFS Technology Figure

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