Sequential Drug Addition and Analysis

Sequential Drug Addition and Analysis

Complex assays for drug discovery, compound secondary screening or analyzing the biology of the organoids often requires mutliple time points or multiple compound, drug or reagent addition. Manual assays or single chamber assays can quickly become labor-intensive or the organoids prone to loss and drisruption. 

Using the Pu·MA System’s sequential drug addtion workflow, you can add multiple concentrations of drug or compound to the same spheroid sample and during the course of an assay take multiple measurements. In this specific application, neurospheroids were used and Calcium oscillations measured in response to specific drug concentrations and timed treatments. The neurospheroids were imaged as well which further adds to the multifunctional profliling capabilities of the Pu·MA System.

The tabs below showcase this application of sequential drug addition using the  Pu·MA System.

Neurospheroid in flowchip sample well

Pu·MA System 3D for Sequential Drug Addition and Analysis of Neurospheroids

This application note demonstrates the use of the Pu·MA System for sequential treatment of neurospheroids with different drug concentrations with intermittent Calcium oscilaltion measurements and subsequently imaging of the same neurospheroid.


Automated 3D Cell-Based Assays Using a Novel Flowchip System and High Content Imaging (SLAS2021)

We presented data about how you can perform sequential drug addition to individual neurospheroids with intermittent calcium oscillation measurements during the course of the assay. The neurospheres were also stained, imaged and hence demonstrating the multifunctional profiling capabilities of the Pu·MA System.


Sequential Drug Addition

Organoids, media and reagents are loaded into the flowchips. The Pu·MA System performs the automated steps described below in the workflow.





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