Tech Note1-Matrigel Grown organoids

Transfer, Automated Staining, and Imaging of Organoids in Matrigel 

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Improved Assays with Magnetically Coated 3D Cell Models

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Pu·MA System 3D for Automated Organoid Assays, In Situ Sampling and In Situ Imaging

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Pu·MA System 3D: Automated Sequential Drug Addition Workflow and Analysis of Neurospheroids

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Use of Pu·MA System 3D for Single Spheroid Assays with Downstream Metabolomics

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Pu·MA System 3D for Spheroid Toxicity Testing and In Situ Imaging 

Pu·MA System ELISA: Quantification

THP-1 Cell Differentiation and Cytokine Secretion Assay for Evaluation of Anti-Inflammatory Compounds

Multiparametric Human Cell Based Inflammation Assay for Cytokines and Cell Surface Antigens

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