Protein Fluidics FAQ

What is a typical run time on the Pu·MA?

A complete Pu·MA System run time is typically an hour. Assay time varies from 50 – 75 minutes and depends on your target of interest, assay parameters, and reagent characteristics. A typical 4-6 hour standard ELISA protocol translates to approximately a 1 hour run on the Pu·MA system.

How hard is it to adapt my standard ELISA protocol to this microfluidic platform?

Most commonly used ELISA protocols can be transferred to the Pu·MA System within a couple hours.  Assay optimization typically takes 1-2 days.

Does the Pu·MA FlowChip fit in standard spectrophotomers and plate readers?

Yes, the Pu·MA FlowChips are specifically designed to be read in any Plate Reader compatible with 384-well plates.

Can I get a demo of the Pu·MA in my lab?

Yes, we are happy to provide demos. Fill out the form on our “Contact Us” page so we can discuss your needs and coordinate a visit.

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What is a typical FlowChip assay volume?

Typical Pu·MA FlowChip assay volumes are in the 10 – 20 uL range.

What are the physical dimensions of the PuMA system?

The Pu·MA System footprint is 11“(L) x 13“(W) x 8“(H).

How much does the Pu·MA unit weigh?

The Pu·MA System weighs 20 lbs.

Can the Pu·MA FlowChips be used more than once?

The Pu·MA FlowChip is disposable, and single-use only.

What additional equipment or supplies do I need to run an assay?

You will need a standard 8-channel multichannel pipettor in the 10-50 uL range and small-volume (0.1 – 10 uL) polypropylene pipette tips.

What kind of warranty does the Pu·MA system come with?

The Pu·MA system comes with a new system warranty for the first year. Additional years can be purchased under a service contract.

Can Pu·MA products be used on automated liquid handling systems?

Automated liquid handling and plate handling interfaces are custom applications. Please contact us to discuss your special needs.

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How soon must the FlowChip be read after the Pu·MA run is complete?

Like standard microplate ELISA protocols, once the assay is complete it should be read as soon as possible. If necessary, plates should be stored at 4C in darkness before reading.

What can your products be used for?

These products are intended for Research Use Only (RUO) and not for use in diagnostic procedures.

What kind of regular maintenance is required on the Pu·MA System?

The Pu·MA System requires very little regular maintenance.

Does a new Pu·MA unit require any calibration?

The Pu·MA system does not require any calibration – neither upon delivery nor on a regular basis. It comes ready to run out of the box.

Are bar-coded FlowChips available?

For specific applications including barcodes, please contact us to discuss your needs.

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What are your privacy and confidentiality terms for website registrations?

Protein Fluidics respects your privacy. We will not share or distribute any of your information with outside parties. We will only contact you in response to an inquiry or if you opt into regular emails and product updates.

What browsers are supported by the Pu·MA System?

The PuMA System is a self-contained platform that does not require an accessary PC or laptop system.

Where can I get help with troubleshooting?

Fill out the form on our “Contact Us” to open a support ticket. We will respond to your request within 24 hours.

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Is there a battery backup for the Pu·MA System?

The Pu·MA System does not require a battery backup. A UPS power supply can be used when necessary.

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